We utilise a bunch of different providers and services to get files to you quickly. If you’d like to help us pay our bills at the same time, we have some affiliate links!


Everyone needs a VPN, we recommend NordVPN.


Frantech/Buyvm are the cheapest option. They have fantastic support and only use the best hardware. If you just need something small for light work, they’ll be your best bet.

Walker Servers

Walker Servers specialise in dedicated servers. It’s more expensive, but you’ll be the only user. Their Leaseweb offerings offer the best efficiency and huge (100tb) bandwidth limits.


Hetzner are also dedicated, but you’re dealing directly with the provider. Hetzner dedicated servers are also unlimited traffic. If you want an AMD Ryzen machine with a dedicated gigabit uplink, Hetzner is the best choice.


We use Hetrix as our third party status monitor. If you join via our referral you get extra blacklist/status/uptime monitor checks too!