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We have a discord available here and my (rpdl#6652) DM’s are open. If you’d prefer, you can also email me

If you’re a developer and:

  1. You’d like us to distribute public releases of your game.
  2. The patreon link on the page for your game is wrong.
  3. You’d like us to remove a game from our site.

Feel free to reach out via email - I usually reply pretty quickly.
Please note, our goal isn’t to profit directly off the content here - we actually run at a loss.
We’re perfectly happy to work with developers and respect their wishes - just let us know.
Additionally, all of our content is sourced from publicly available links!

If you’re a user and:

  1. You find a broken link, or something out of date.
  2. You have suggestions or feedback.

Please reach out via discord first, I’ll always reply!