Funding run!
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Funding run!

Hello! - We hope everyone's safe and enjoying the Race of Life update!

We've got a few things to run through today - it's been a while.

  1. We're starting a funding run. Next month we'll need to add €70 to break-even as one of our larger donators needs to take a break. We've always been in this position where we've been very "top heavy" in regards to donations, typically ~40% of our funding comes from just two people! With that in mind we're looking to setup a funding goal to cover an entire year of bills (approximately €4,000) as a "rainy day fund". If there is one person, or several, or even 20 people that are comfortable and willing to help longterm fund us (no matter the amount), please contact us and let us know! We'll track the amount donated via the custom-one-time link on our funding page.

  2. We're looking to add 2 more people to the team. As things stand, @volf3n and @devilkin do 99% of the work in keeping torrents updated and general day-to-day work. F95zone is only getting busier and we need additional help to give them a break. If you're interested in chatting, pop open a ticket on our Discord and we can chat. All you need is an email for password-resets and any two-factor app :)

  3. There isn't much to say regarding Torrust. They're releasing new alpha crates with more features, but we're not sure when they'll release the next stable release. We've done all the work we can in anticipation of it, the rest is a waiting game. For reference, once the update comes, we don't expect a whole lot to change from the user's perspective other than it being a less buggy experience; which is super important (such as the all too common stalled torrents issue). Still, we're very much looking forward to the release as some of the promised changes will be useful to us.

  4. Our usage and numbers are growing a little, but are mostly stable. Roughly 3,000 to 5,000 unique daily users with approximately one download every 60-90 seconds. We're also closing in on 16,000 long-term torrents with over 35,000 in total created.

  5. On the backend, we've rewritten and migrated a bunch of our internal documentation to git, along with improving some of our processes and tools which help our workflow. It took some time to go through different tools to find something we're comfortable with, and this is working very well. Big thanks to @devilkin's for his continued work on this too.

That's pretty much it, if anyone has any questions feel free to hop on our discord and let us know!

Stay safe and big thanks again to everyone! ❤️