2022 Wrap-up
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2022 Wrap-up

Let's start with some raw stats:

accounts: 59,641
total torrents made: 22,736
total torrents downloaded: 323,720
average daily unique visitors: 11,000
data transferred: ~1.4pb
discord members: 2,969
hard drives killed: 2

Those who made it possible:

Starting with the other special people that are stupid brave enough to join me on this adventure. Attached is their top 5 games and recommendations for 2022:


Like him or love him; he's probably done more to keep our archive updated than anyone else. Notable achievements: cannot copy and paste and is a world record holder in Babysitting Cream speedruns.

Some Modeling Agency
Masters of Raana
Friends in need


Loneranger was unfortunately drafted in the war in Ukraine at the end of September. He helped us immensely when it came to quality control and a proper naming structure. We miss him so much.


For long stretches of 2022 Cake was pushing more traffic on our torrents than we were. He's also helped me out immensely when it comes to technical server stuff, finding issues where I couldn't and proposing fixes and upgrades I'd have never thought of. Lastly, he's the brains behind our fork of torrust and all our quality of life tweaks ❤️

Projekt Passion
Red Lucy
Foster Home for Fantasy Girls


AKA the dude who runs everything on Discord. Vision has literally made thousands of torrents in a matter of weeks and was the only dude brave enough to make our lists (thousands of entries long). Vision put in so much work when times were hardest - you wouldn't believe. It's not known if he can count to five though.

Hail Dicktator
Red Lucy
Foster Home for Fantasy Girls


Rowan fills in a lot of gaps when people are unavailable or somebody needs help. He's also the constant voice of reason whenever we need to make difficult decisions. Often overlooked, but he probably prefers it that way anyway.

Grandma's House
My Bully is My Lover
Accidental Mind


We were lucky to recruit him when we did, things were a little turbulent - funding was hard and motivation was low. Volf3n joined us and day1, slotted in like he was there from the start. His sense of humour and genuine care helped us push through the last few months. He's here forever.

My Bully is My Lover
Race of Life
Bare Witness
Red Lucy


I think 2022 was realy good for games. In particular it's been really interesting seeing a new wave of games with super good graphics. I couldn't limit it to 5, so here's my favourite 7.

Red Lucy
Summer Heat
Bare Witness
Projekt Passion

Everyone else.

We're very fortunate. It goes without saying that we're extremely grateful to our donors who help us out monetarily - their help has enabled us to create an impressive, and frankly intimidating platform of servers and services. Not just the money, but on those days where it feels like the F95Zone uploaders are jacked up on red bull - seeing a new donor pop up reminds us of everyone that believes in this and drives us forward.

Note: December was the second month in our history that we achieved our monthly funding goal. It's also looking likely that we're going to hit it in January too. Because of this, we removed the links to our funding from our posts on F95Zone, along with the donate button on dl.rpdl.net - instead we replaced it with a small banner on the torrent pages.

Additionally, we're immensely thankful to the people that help us keep track of our torrents. Nowadays we have upwards of 13,000 torrents – an amount that's simply too much for 6 people to manage. Their help in pointing out mistakes, bugs, feedback, and suggestions is priceless.

Special mentions.

Sam at F95Zone

Sam made the difficult decision to give us a chance at the start of September. I stated day-one that F95Zone was the only site I wanted us to be associated with, so to get the greenlight from them was a huge accomplishment to me. I hope 2023 is as kind to them as they've been to us.


You might know him as the developer of Grandma's House. Moonbox is one of our earliest supporters, back when we had a hundred people on Discord. He was also the first developer that publicly embraced our torrents when we were trying to set ourselves up. Watching his project grow during 2022 was one of my personal highlights.

Tired Txxus

Like Moonbox, Txxus has pretty much been a permanent presence from the very early days. He was also kind enough to design us our new logo!

Txxus develops Foster Home for Fantasy Girls, a game that really doesn't get the recognition it deserves.


I get to chat with a lot of cool people, the person I probably chat to most though is LeFrench, the mastermind pervert behind Red Lucy. Notably though, he has some cool quirks such as donating a portion of his funding towards Breast Cancer Research, which is something I'd love for us to do too. Qualities like these are rare in the scene. So, when Red Lucy blows up, I hope he'll have learned how to spell RPDL properly.

Plans for 2023.

For the first time in... forever we actually don't have any. We finished all of our lists and a-certain-somebody is helping us fill in the gaps with missing games. Right now, my only real plans are to make things a bit easier for the guys to create/delete torrents. Our funding is going great, our platform is stable, we're in a really good place and we couldn't ask for anything more.

If 2023 continues like how 2022 ended, we'll be very happy and we hope you'll continue to enjoy it with us!