Downloading Ren’Py, RPGM, Unity, Unreal and HTML games is annoying at best. Filehosts riddled with Ads and popups, slow/throttled downloads or daily bandwidth limits, and confusing naming schemes. We’re fixing all that.

What do we do?

We take publicly available releases of new games, virus scan them and package them as torrents - for free.

  1. We only do Windows releases and always opt for highest quality possible.
  2. We will patch a game, we will not mod a game. This means:
    * We will apply a patch/bugfix/hotfix.
    * We will take "update only" releases and apply them to the base game to serve a full-game download.
    * We will not install or host any mods that alter the game content, such as gallery mods, money mods etc.
    * To summarise, we will offer the best version the developer has released.
  3. We take suggestions/feedback/requests on our discord!

Where do the donations go?

All donations go towards server bills. We update our costs on our funding page.

Something we missed?

Feel free to email us at info@rpdl.net or hop on Discord!