Safely download games, FAST.

What is rpdl.net?

Downloading Ren’Py/RPGM/Unity/Unreal/HTML games can be an annoying affair. Filehosts riddled with Ads, slow/throttled downloads and confusing naming schemes. We’re fixing all that.

What do we do?

We take publicly available releases of new games, virus scan them and package them as torrents - for free.

  1. We create and host torrent files.
  2. We update our catalogue several times a day.
  3. We take suggestions/feedback/requests on our discord and on our f95zone thread
  4. We do not modify the core game in any way and we do not fix bugs.
  5. We do not host or link to any mods.

Where do the donations go?

All donations go towards our server bills. We update our costs on our donation page

Something we missed?

Feel free to email us at info@rpdl.net or hop on our discord