Updated Starting Subscriptions Donations Outgoing Balance
Sep 10th €-90 €185 €90 -€380 -€-195
~140     2x 40tb storage servers
~90      4x cache nodes (eu + na)
~40      4x reverse proxies
~70      1x Hypervisor to run our platform
~25      Subscriptions for providers like Mega & Gofile etc.
~15      Leased storage for backups

The best way to help is via committing to a monthly subscription; this gives us a stable monthly income.

Funding run!

As noted here we're starting a funding run to try build up a "rainy day fund". Anything donated via the "custom one-time" donation will be added to this pool and I'll update it every few days - thanks everyone!

Current: €635/€4,000

Crypto options:

XMR: 46NuTvtLoRK4CYztKSnxCeccF6kDE5AdZ89Si9qjTEqV8ToYFuL4mDt7zzvkYVHGDXepEuJxCQYCvS9tAkZhWKut86T2qof
BTC: bc1qqzsffa46y4lcwvkf5a4xjv5ecyz2ylcls8nt6a
ETH/ERC-20: 0x131039ba36261B894ccf457Fc646bBdB4A7FFC54
BNB: bnb1x8ymxm5n76fm2r26gplmgspn5wl2f330r8j65t
LTC: LhDxgzWNo7W3ZNme4nUwxshMH237ps9mdQ

Thanks all, we couldn't do it without your help 💙