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1. The torrent you downloaded shows as "stalled/unauthorized" or has an error in the tracker tab stating "400 bad request"

This is a Passkey issue, try the following:
1. Ensure your torrent client is up to date.
2. Delete the torrent(s) that aren't working from your torrent client.
3. Sign out from dl.rpdl.net.
4. Sign back into dl.rpdl.net again.
5. Download the torrent again fresh.
6. Add the NEW torrent to your client.

2. How to reset password?

You can't, just make a new account instead.

3. A certain game isn't seeded, isn't updated or is in some way broken.

Please drop a message in #housekeeping on Discord.

4. Why can't I upload a torrent?

Only team members in @rpdl.net are able to upload torrents.
If you'd like a torrent made, please ask in #housekeeping on Discord.

5. Can you share the torrent file?

Please don't. Torrents are tied to your account and when we see people
abusing this we disable your account. Please respect our users bandwidth
and the servers that are paid for by our generous donators.

6. Can you share the link to the torrent page?


7. Do we track or enforce any kind of ratio?

We never plan to enforce any kind of ratio rules. We do hope to track
statistics like amount uploaded so users can see the positive effect
they're having when seeding.

8. Do we track any logs?

We ONLY track error logs. We don't use access-logs at any of our
webservers or proxies, nor our tracker. The only information we have on
our users is your username, your password (hashed and salted) and your
passkey which we assign to your account.

9. Are there any rules regarding what torrents are banned?

As a rule of thumb, we follow F95Zone rules regarding content.

10. Are there any rules on discord?

Not really, if you want to post NSFW stuff use #nsfw. Don't be racist, 
typical stuff. In general it's pretty relaxed and easy going.

11. Are there any third party tools/integrations?

Yup! Check here https://rpdl.net/tools

12. You're a patron/subscriber for a game and you'd like us to make a torrent.

We don't accept leaks, appreciate it though!

13. We're missing something from this FAQ

Please ping anyone in @rpdl.net in #troubleshooting and we'll add it!

14. Do we modify game files?

We remove certain redundant files. Those files are the following:
[log.txt] [__MACOSX] [*.url]
log.txt can contain identifiable information and is not necessary.
__MACOS is a folder generated automatically on MACOS. 
.url files are redirects.

15. Why does donating on rpdl.net require an email address?

If you choose to donate, your email address is required as this allows
you to modify/cancel your subscription at your leisure.
NOTE: Accounts on rpdl.net are completely optional and are ONLY for
subscriptions - they're completely separate from dl.rpdl.net
  1. General developer questions:
    a. How do you get the developer role on Discord?
    b. The information on your game is out of date (version or patreon etc)
    c. You’d like to forward us new builds or add your game.
Feel free to reach out to anyone with the @rpdl.net role on Discord or 
email us at info@rpdl.net and we'll be happy to help.

We update this FAQ semi-frequently, we also log changes in #faq on Discord. If you've any feedback or suggestions, please let us know!