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Collection of general data and information.

The websites rpdl.net, dl.rpdl.net and the tracker tracker.rpdl.net do not collect access logs.
We do however, collect error logs. Error logs consist of:

ip address
the date and time of error
the url on which it occurred

Error-logs only log critical errors and are stored for up to 24 hours to analyze errors. Error logs never leave our servers, thus there is no situation where error logs will persist for more than 24 hours. (Article 6.1f GDPR ).


There are no cookies on this site.

User Accounts

While dl.rpdl.net does currently prompt for an email-address upon signup, we replace any and all information regarding said email address with a 10 character random string hourly.
Username, password (hashed and salted) and passkey is the total of userdata stored.