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Discord link

We're always exploring alternatives to Discord. It's a good platform, it's widely adopted and relatively stable. However we are at the mercy of a third party company. We'd prefer to host everything ourselves to ensure any userdata doesn't leak to third party providers who may sell, or datamine said data. We're eagerly following projects such as Revolt and to a lesser extent, Fosscord.
If/when this day arrives, it'll be communicated well in advance.

Discord rules

Upon joining you'll be presented with a Captcha, we hate bots - sorry.
There is a short list of server rules in #rules.
We expect everyone to abide by Discords Community Guidelines also.

Who is who?

Anyone in the core team will have the @rpdl.net role and their name will be red.
Developers have their own role and their name will be blue.
Donators have their own role and channel, and their name is gold.
If you'd like to join them, check this out.

What are the automated channels for?

#f95zone-updates This channel forwards updates and new releases from F95zone.
#new-torrents Automated feed for new torrents.
#status Hetrix updates this channel if we have server issues or outages.

What about the other channels?

#news, #memes and #nsfw should all be pretty self explanatory.
#gamedev-news is for developers to post teasers & renders.
#troubleshooting - if you have issues with any of the sites, or even just getting poor download speeds, feel free to ask here.
#housekeeping - this is for maintaining our archive. For example, if you see an update that we missed - ping us here.
#faq - this channel mirrors our FAQ here
#donor-house - a containment zone for our adorable donators.