Using our Torrents
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Using our Torrents

Using our torrents

Our entire archive can be found at
It's 100% free, we seed everything with servers paid for by our generous donators.
Downloading requires an account, anybody can sign up - there are no restrictions. Once signed up and logged in, you're all set!

What is the passkey for?

The passkey ties a torrent file to an account.
This is done to prevent third-party sites from passing our torrents as their own.

Please don't share the .torrent file!

We don't have any paywalls, nor advertisements.
All we ask for in return is to not abuse our network!

Are there any automation tools?

Yes! You can find a list here.

Why do we have accounts?

As of March 2022 our torrents are no longer public. All of our old torrents will continue to reside on F95Zone but we've switched to seeding our private torrents instead. The reasons why are many and long, the primary reason though is abuse by third party websites.

Some torrents are flagged as infected

We've never encountered an actual malicious upload, they've always been false positives. At any one time, there might be ~10 torrents that are flagged.
Our policy is to not attempt to clean or otherwise modify any releases, we scan them and post the results and users are free to interpret them as they wish. We don't keep track of them, however when asked we're happy to scan it again to get a more verbose output and test with Virustotal. If users wish, they're free to take these findings to the F95zone thread or to the developer etc.

If we do come across an actual malicious file, we'll remove it from our servers and wait for a fixed version or if that's not possible, remove the game entirely. We expect our users to undertake their own due diligence but at the same time, we're not going to knowingly spread malware.
If you have any concerns regarding any upload at all, please don't hesitate to ping any of our team members in the #troubleshooting channel on our Discord.


We now compress all our releases using 7z (LZMA2) so you'll need a tool capable of uncompressing 7z archives. We obviously recommend 7z!